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July 2016

Our very first event – Bastille Day

The Travelling Glutton has succeeded in taking part in our very first event. This weekend we had a pitch at Reading's Forbury Gardens Bastille event. We spent the weekend making French dip sandwiches (Six hour slow roasted beef, smothered in garlic mayonaise and melting cheese in a fresh baked baguette with a pot of French [...]

Taking the TTG on a Cypriot adventure…

For the last week the staff at The Travelling Glutton (TTG) went on a Cypriot adventure. It's fair to say that the food was out of this world, summer salads, Souvlaki and sheftalia were a few of my favourites. Moussaka and Baklava being a few of other peoples favourites. We spent a week taking boat [...]

June 2016

TTG Out!

For the next week we'll be on a research trip in Cyprus! We'll be available via email if anyone needs us! Cant wait to come back and tell you all about it! Halloumi here I come...

May 2016

Bank holiday lazy morning breakfast..

Bank holiday Monday's are the best! There like having two Sunday's and the best thing to do on an amazing second Sunday is sleeping in while your boyfriend treats you to a cheeky breakfast ! This bank holiday I was treated to perfect poached eggs on a bed of home grown spinach, fried salami and [...]

April 2016

April 2016 – We got a five from environmental health!

The Travelling Glutton is incredibly proud to announce that we received a top score of five in our environmental health inspection. Not only do we have top knowledge on allergens and cooking times but you can be safe in the knowledge that were cooking in completely safe conditions!

Pineapple bowls and other ways to eat your food served in food!

So I'm that special breed of person who moved into her first house and bought about twelve giant plates and bowls for the glamorous dinner parties and canape evenings I would ofcourse be hosting. Low and behold they mainly sit atop my glasses cupboard collecting dust and threataning to fall. However I still love them, [...]


Canada is a hub of mixed culinary tastes. So many different types of people bringing new flavours to a beautiful setting. When my sister moved out to Vancouver, we couldn't wait to go out and see her and try some new food. I was really expecting huge American style portions of lots of deep fried [...]


Paris was the first destination that The Travelling Glutton travelled to years ago. It was a romantic adventure climbing The Eiffel Tower and watching the stars at The Arc De Triumph. Paris is well known for its intricate macaroons and fresh baguettes, cheesy croque-Monsieur's and confit duck, but the food that made me fall in [...]


Asia was the best! Literally the best place, the best food and the best atmosphere! You get as sick as a dog, no matter what you eat so you might as well try all the dirty street vendor food and see how truly amazing it all is. The flat noodle's, the fresh spring rolls, the [...]

September 2015

September 2015 – The Travelling Glutton purchases the Food Truck

Today we bought the food truck! The Travelling Glutton was bought home from Southampton and is AMAZING! With a fully fitted kitchen inside and fantastic viewing window visible from the outside, the food truck is already looking incredible. We'll be getting the van wrapped as quickly as possible and it will be branded with the [...]