Paris was the first destination that The Travelling Glutton travelled to years ago. It was a romantic adventure climbing The Eiffel Tower and watching the stars at The Arc De Triumph. Paris is well known for its intricate macaroons and fresh baguettes, cheesy croque-Monsieur’s and confit duck, but the food that made me fall in love with Paris was the fresh morning croissants. The almond ones in particular were crumbly bites of heaven. If I could I would eat Parisian croissants for breakfast every day; warm, fresh and delicate.

When I think back to Paris I remember those early mornings, the bright sunshine and the smell of fresh bread and I remember how a breakfast filled with that much love was the most amazing way to set up a day. It was on that trip that I realised I wanted to make breakfasts that everyone could enjoy. The simple full english is all good and well but what about the people who want something fresh and memorable, something that turns Thursday morning into a treat, something that makes them feel like they’ve been abroad in a bite. I decided the Travelling Glutton was going to make breakfasts that broke tradition. A bacon sandwich is fine but why shouldn’t the every day worker have fresh creamy yogurt with homemade granola and rasins, or smoked salmon bagels with cream cheese and most importantly freshly made Parisian croissants. The only reason we don’t do that here in the UK is because we’ve become used to our boring toast and cereal breakfasts, its a meal we must eat to get started in the morning, we don’t need to make it interesting like we do our lunch and dinner. But that is exactly what the Travelling Glutton is about, breaking tradition and providing fulfilling worldly examples of good food, no matter the time of day.