Canada is a hub of mixed culinary tastes. So many different types of people bringing new flavours to a beautiful setting. When my sister moved out to Vancouver, we couldn’t wait to go out and see her and try some new food. I was really expecting huge American style portions of lots of deep fried food but Vancouver was very different to expected. Fresh sushi bars and scallops by the ocean, I loved it.

However it was a food street vendor that I felt showed the true diversity of Vancouver. Canada has a large population of Chinese and Japanese immigrants that introduced flavours and textures to every day normal food. We were lucky enough to be walking along the town where a small food truck happened to be set up. It looked interesting and always wanting to try new things we ordered a couple of Japa-dogs.  Now I’m sure most of you have at least heard of this style of hotdog covered in different types of interesting toppings, including teriyaki sauce, seaweed, fresh cabbage and deep fried pork bites. It’s more common now but they have actually only been open for about seven years. These hotdogs were incredible, nothing like the limp lifeless dog-in-a-bun we get here in the UK. They opened my eyes to how interested people were in taking a traditional food and making it new and flavoursome. If The Travelling Glutton could be as successful as Japa-Dog, who in seven years now have four Vancouver stands, one Vancouver shop and a brand new shop in New York City, we’d be very happy. They worked hard providing innovative food in nothing more then a small street cart and most importantly they did it well. It taught me that putting food together that not everyone would have thought of is not necessarily a bad idea, as long as it tastes as good as it shocks.